Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Derren Brown Takes to the Big Screen

We don't know whether Derren Brown uses actors, but now we know that he is an actor.

My prior post, about Derren's apparent use of an actress in his voodoo ring trick, has stirred up a good deal of debate. As stated previously, I prefer not to believe that the participant, Magda Rodriguez, was acting. But the jury is still out on that issue.

One thing we know for sure, though: Derren Brown is an actor. A post in the Derren Brown Fan Forum brought the following to my attention (from Southern Railway):

[Actress Sara Stewart] is fresh from filming an intriguing short film with illusionist Derren Brown which is set to premiere at the Berlin film festival next month. 'It's rather film noir in style,' she explains. 'It's called Medium Rare and I play the owner of a restaurant who ends up hiding a man under one of my tables who is being chased by hoodlums.

Derren plays the part of a waiter, and you can read more about the film at British Film Magazine. A quick Google search revealed that the film has apparently already been shown at a number of film festivals. The director of Medium Rare is Stefan Stuckert, who previously worked for Objective Productions on Derren Brown's TV shows.

Is Derren seriously pursuing an acting career, or is this just a favor for Stuckert? We'll have to wait and see.

The official Medium Rare website contains a calendar of upcoming screenings (at various film festivals).

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