Friday, November 7, 2008

Derren Talks to DigitalSpy -- Reveals Upcoming Projects

In an interview with DigitalSpy posted today, Derren Brown reveals the following about his upcoming programs:

[A] series that's going out next September, so it's quite early but we're getting started on it now. I don't quite know what the shape of it is yet. I think it'll be four one hours instead of six half hours. Before then, though, I'm doing some documentaries which will be going out in spring. They're documentaries concerned with people involved in paranormal areas. It's taking off a little from where Messiah left off. I've only done one of those at the moment, so I've got another few to do. The next series is out next September, so that's a way off yet. The next thing is the Christmas special which will be the stage show I did this year called 'An Evening of Wonders'.

Unfortunately, DB gives no hint about the status of his postponed SciFi Channel series. He does, however, iscuss a fan "who thought I was psychically assaulting them in their dreams." That's worth a read.

In other news, DB's assistant, Coops, has started a strange new blog:

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