Sunday, July 8, 2012

Derren Brown Has Psychic Powers (?!)

Here at AboutDerrenBrown, we assume that all longtime Derren Brown fans know that DB does not believe in psychics. It appears, however, that a certain segment of the fan base insists that Derren actually has psychic powers.

Here's an interesting passage from the book The Psychic Tourist (affiliate link), which includes excerpts from an interview with Derren. The author, William Little, writes:

I was having a chat with a friend who believes in mystics, and he told me he believes that Derren Brown is psychic.... 'He may not know it, but Derren Brown is psychic,' my friend said adamantly. ...

'It's a tricky one,' Derren tells me, comparing the profile of his viewers to a bell curve with believers at one end and sceptics at the other. He reckons that even if he revealed his tricks, true believers wouldn't be swayed.

If Derren's viewers are a bell curve, where do you fall? And if believers are at one end with sceptics at the other, who fills out the huge bump in the middle?

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