Friday, January 18, 2008

Change of Broadcast Date for Derren Brown's "The System"

The date of Derren Brown's new special, "The System," has apparently changed. I previously reported that it would be shown on January 25, 2008, and as of yesterday Derren's official site still listed that date in its News section.

The excellent magic site, iTricks, tipped me off to the fact that the date had been changed. Derren's site now lists February 1 as the big day. Yahoo also listed February 1 in a recent announcement of the show, as did today's Daily Mail interview of Derren Brown.

So U.K. viewers will have to wait until February 1, 9 PM for their next Derren fix (while those of us in the U.S. wait even longer).

The upside is that you have a few more days to join in my wager. If my prediction about Derren's show is wrong, you get a free copy of his biography.

1 comment:

matty boy said...

ok then-seems about right for t.v.
but i hope your wrong 'cos i hope DB more special than that!