Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drawing Moral Lessons from Derren Brown

Derren Brown once said: "I don't think magic is about meaning,...the moment magicians try and slap some kind of dramatic meaning on it, they miss the point. It should be about magic, not preaching."

Despite DB's anti-meaning stance, reporters frequently use his performances as the basis of moral analogies. This week, an article about soccer used one of DB's cold reading routines as a lesson in human vanity. Nicely done.

On a completely different note --

As of this writing, 25 people have signed up for my free challenge relating to DB's upcoming special, The System. There are 75 slots remaining -- see prior blog post for entry instructions -- with one week to go before the broadcast.

For those who have already entered: the prize (a DB autobiography) is coming along nicely, and will definitely be worth your while.

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