Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Super Memory" is Not One of Derek Acorah's Special Powers

Derek Acorah is a British television medium. He claims to be psychic, able to speak to spirits, and so forth. In an interview this past week, he commented on Derren Brown:

I think Derren Brown would like to think that he bothered me, but he really doesn't...I have been touring theatres for 15 years and during the time he's been around that's not affected the standard of my work or the amount of people who come to see me.
If he is having an effect on mediumship, it's certainly not affecting my life.
Derren has said a number of things about me on a personal level and I actually asked him about them when I bumped into him in a hotel in Cardiff once. He claimed he'd never said them, so we were fine.

Acorah might be able to speak to dead people, but he does not have a very good memory for facts. The Sun reported that the self-proclaimed psychic did more than "bump" into DB:

Psychic Derek, 56, tackled illusionist Derren, 35, for publicly blasting him.
An onlooker at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Swansea, said: “Derren came over to say hello but Derek looked peeved and asked, 'Why are you always slagging me off?’

But that encounter was not in Cardiff. Maybe they've met in hotels on two separate occasions? At any rate, it does not sound like DB and Acorah are "fine" with each other.

I'm beginning to suspect that Mr. Acorah might not be an entirely truthful person.


Emma Gee said...

You're just beginning to suspect it, William? Where HAVE you been? :)

Acorah rewrites his personal history almost every time he opens his mouth.

There is great sport to be had in spotting the slips - as you have done. Welcome to the club :)

Emma Gee

William_Tapscott said...

Emma Gee, thanks -

I checked out the Acorah material on your website (

It's priceless. Very entertaining!