Thursday, April 17, 2008

Derren Brown Tricks Doctor Who

A post on David Tennant's website today revealed that Trick or Treat 2 will air May 2, 2008 on Channel 4. [thanks to Andrea for the tip] UK TVGuide confirms this date, listing the 30-minute season premier at 10:00 pm.

What does David Tennant have to do with Trick or Treat 2? The Doctor Who star is featured in the new series. His website explains that:

David has been doing a bit of time travelling with the help of magician Derren Brown.

He was fooled into thinking he could see into the past and future for a stunt on the new series of Trick Or Treat.

Derren swooped after hiding in David’s make-up truck, on the set of Doctor Who, he said: "David's the only person who has ever screamed when I surprised them. But he reacted well to the trick, which used visualisation and suggestion techniques. He seemed to enjoy it."

Derren's Trick Or Treat will start airing on Channel 4 on Friday 2nd May.

This information is repeated in today's Sun.

DB is evidently continuing his recent trend of involving celebrities in his shows.

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