Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Trick or Treat 2 with Derren Brown -- Information from a Contestant

Last I checked, Derren Brown's website claimed the Trick or Treat 2 series would begin on April 13, 2008. Channel 4's TV listings do not, however, list the show on that date.

We don't know when the new series is coming, but it definitely is coming. Ronk, a participant in the production of Trick or Treat 2 left a comment on AboutDerrenBrown with the following inside information:

I was shortlisted for Trick or Treat 2 but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, didn’t hear anymore.

Last year I spotted an advertisement in the London Lite asking people to visit http://www.trickortreat2.com/ if they were interested in being in the next series of Trick or Treat. I answered all the questions and sent a video. After a week or so I was invited to an informal audition session.

I didn’t know what to expect but for some strange reason before this audition session I also received a black envelope with my name and address written with a gold paint pen. Inside the envelope was a red card with Derren’s devilish profile printed in black with the words ‘You are being considered’ on the reverse.

At the audition there were around 70 other people, photo’s were taken and forms were filled in before being asked to enter a hall where there were lines of seats set out like an examination room.

The producer form Objective Productions, Simon I think, introduced himself and gave a brief explanation about what would happen next. I’m no sure if it was intentional, but up until that point there was no indication that Derren would actually be there. Then all of a sudden Derren was introduced as he popped out of a side door next to the stage.

Derren explained that he would go through various hypnosis tests and that we should be honest with our responses. People would not be picked based on how often they responded to the hypnosis tests and if we faked it we wouldn’t be doing ourselves any favours.

If people didn’t respond to a test they were asked to sit to one side of the hall. Eventually there were around 12 people left and it ended with two guys who were made to forget the number 7.

It was a very enjoyable evening but I must admit I felt a bit odd during the next day. I haven’t been hypnotised before and would say I wouldn’t like to be again.

I was told a few weeks later I was shortlisted but wouldn’t here any more due to the nature of the programme. Being that the timescale was up to the end of February I guess I’ve not been picked. A relief to be honest…RonK

Thanks for the great information, RonK! I don't think I would feel too relieved yet, though. Making the unwary participant think she has been rejected from the show was a common ruse of Derren Brown's in Trick or Treat 1.

The producer named "Simon" in the above account is, presumably, Simon Mills, who worked on the first Trick or Treat series.

If anyone knows when Trick or Treat 2 will be aired, please drop me a line. Thanks!

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Andrea said...

Hi! I just read over at david-tennant.com that the new series airs on may 2nd. Do you know if this is true? . Andrea