Wednesday, May 30, 2012

List of Derren Brown Books (UK)

For your reference, here is the complete list of Derren Brown books written by Derren himself. Some of them are hard to get outside of the UK, but if you look you can find them. The following affiliate links are for the UK:

1. Absolute Magic - A Model for Powerful Close-Up Performance (2001 -- out of print and expensive)

2. Pure Effect: Direct Mindreading and Magical Artistry (2002 -- out of print and expensive)

3. Tricks Of The Mind (2007)

4. Portraits (2009)

5. Confessions of a Conjuror (2011)

What book will Derren Brown write next? I don't know, but if he follows his pattern we can expect another book in 2013 or so.

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