Thursday, May 31, 2012

New U.S. Series from Derren Brown -- Free on Hulu

Starting July 7, 2012, you can see a new Derren Brown series called "Derren Brown: Inside Your Mind" in the U.S. This will be the first time since 2007's SyFy series that Derren has been available to Americans.

The series will be available at and will consist of four 60-minute episodes. Each will be a collection of clips that have formerly aired in the U.K. and elsewhere. For example, the Simon Pegg BMX trick will be included (as you will recall, that one was also in the SyFy series). There will reportedly be some new introductory material.

American viewers: Please make this series wildly successful for Derren and Hulu so they will both provide more content in the U.S.! Note that this series will be on both the free and subscription versions of Hulu - so it costs nothing to watch.

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