Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is it possible for Derren Brown to be bad at Poker?

Derren Brown is a gambler's dream come true. In his early days as a mentalist, he reportedly made some quick cash by beating casinos -- until they banned him. Then there was the time when he
taught a pensioner how to beat a casino. And the time when he got the racetrack to pay out on losing tickets. And the time when he showed us how he memorizes decks of cards.

So we would all naturally expect him to be a brilliant poker player, right? But we would be wrong according to DB:

People imagine I’ll be good at poker because of what I do, but I’m not. I’m hopeless. [Bristol Post]

How is that possible? Derren must be bored by poker, because he clearly has the skills to be amazing at it if he likes.

What do you think? Is his comment just false modesty?

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