Friday, November 20, 2015

What do people who like Derren Brown search for?

When I did a simple "Derren Brown" search on Google today, it listed a set of other people I might be interested in searching. What does this sampling of similar people tell us about Derren?

Let's see -- here are the first 10:

1. Dynamo. Well, he's an English magician. We knew that about Derren already.
2. David Blaine. Another high-profile magician, American this time. Derren and David have a friendly professional relationship.
3. Benedict Cumberbatch. Interesting. Like Derren, Cumberbatch has won a Laurence Olivier Award. He also is the ideal person to play Derren in a biopic. Right?
4. Martin Freeman. The Bilbo Baggins actor is a possible runner-up to play Derren. The suggestion is probably due to the two appearing together in episode 1 of the 3rd series of Sherlock (where DB does a cameo as a hypnotist).
5. Nina Conti. A ventriloquist. [sigh] The magicians reading this blog will likely resent Google's analogizing between illusionists and ventriloquists.
6. Melanie Brown. Like Derren, Melanie Brown appeared on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Identical last name might have aided the recommendation, as well.
7. Alan Carr. Another The Big Fat Quiz of the Year participant.
8. Amanda Abbington. The Mr. Selfridge star is a British entertainer, which seems to be the connection.
9. Paul McKenna. At one point, Derren actually attended a McKenna NLP training session, but McKenna says the two are not friendly these days. Derren dislikes the over-enthusiastic NLP disciples of today.
10. James Randi. And here is a great match -- an illusionist who is skeptic to the core, much like Derren.

Any other thoughts on how these folks connect to our favorite psychological illusionist?

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