Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What is Derren Brown's new Thorpe Park ride?

For weeks now, Derren Brown has been teasing us with hints about his new attraction at Thorpe Park. It will undoubtedly be creepy (as evidenced by the creepy Victorian dolls that are promoting it) -- but what will the ride actually be?

Here's what we know so far, thanks in part to an interview with the BBC:

1. It is not a rollercoaster. (but is instead an "experience")
2. It lasts 13 minutes.
3. It is expensive and elaborate.

Derren explains that: "The sheer budget involved is huge. If it does everything that it should do, it will be phenomenal."

Ride designer Paul Moreton explains to that: “We have created something which, if you're open to it, will challenge your view of what is real and what isn't. We will immerse people in a world where even the most hardened will question what's perception and what's reality. Is seeing really believing?”

I can't help picturing one of those old amusement park fun houses with distorted mirrors, rolling floors, and so forth. Or, perhaps a Victorian freak show with bottled heads, etc.

Derren will probably surprise us again. It will definitely be worth a visit. The ride opens March 2016.

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