Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Derren Brown and Embedded Commands

While searching on books.google.com for references to Derren Brown, I came across a self-published book called "Ad and Jo's Guide to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy."

The book calls DB a "master of indirect suggestion," and discusses various methods of making such suggestions.

For example, it discusses "embedded commands." An example given in the text is the following statement: "You may feel that it is better to take your medicine now," which includes the imbedded statement "Feel Better Now."

If you have watched DB, there is no question that he uses embedded commands and other methods of indirect suggestion.

What struck me most about this self-published book is its comment that the more obvious an indirect suggestion is, the more likely it is to work.

That certainly has been my experience. By the way, I have continued to try my mind-reading trick using subliminal suggestions. I have had mixed results, but it seems that my failures all come when I try too hard to be covert. When I am blatant to the point that I think someone will catch me (though only one person has so far), the technique works.


Nick Janvier said...

One example of embedded commands Derren Brown uses, is in the 'paying with paper' video... If you want to see how that trick is done, you can find an explanation here:

Saidul Hoque said...

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Sifat Anonta said...

When the power of embedded commands was first discovered in the field of clinical psychology everyone agreed that they were so powerful it was only taught to psychologists, psychiatrists and people with Ph.D.s in the counseling field.

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