Thursday, December 13, 2007

Uri Geller is a Psychic...or IS he?

Mentalism has received some media attention recently because of the NBC contest show, Phenomenon. Three weeks ago, Mike Super won the contest with his mind-reading / suggestion tricks. None of the acts featured on the show reached the Derren Brown level of mental illusion, but they were entertaining.

I just learned today of a controversy surrounding Uri Geller. In the final episode of Phenomenon, Criss Angel (of Mindfreak), Geller's co-host on the series, held up an envelope and offered $1 million to any psychic who could tell him what was inside. He specifically asked Geller to make a prediction.

Uri Geller made some rambling statements, but was cut off by Angel who announced that the envelope contained the number 911, referring to the September 21, 2001 terrorist attacks. Angel explained that if psychic powers really existed someone would have warned the world about the attacks in advance.

But here is the strange part: If you listen to the statements Geller made before the envelope was opened, he stated the number 119 (i.e., 911 in reverse). Watch the video on Youtube.

I do not believe Uri Geller has psychic powers, but after the cavalier way in which Criss Angel insulted him on national television, I almost wish he did.

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