Monday, June 14, 2010

Derek Acorah Challenges Derren Brown To A Duel

Derren Brown has had run-ins with self-proclaimed psychic Derek Acorah before, and if Acorah has his way, the two will meet again.

In the wake of the Derren Brown Investigates series, in which Derren debunked various psychic types, Acorah has challenged DB to to a televised duel. According to the Daily Star, Acorah said (May 30, 2010):

"If Derren asked me to appear on his Channel 4 show, I would. But he won't because he knows he wouldn't be able to prove what I do is wrong. True mediumship is not false."

While it would be nice to see Derren soundly defeat Acorah on television, I'm afraid the resulting publicity might actually help Acorah, as it apparently has done for Joe Powers.

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