Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Svengali = 3 Hours of Derren Brown

The Latest published a review of Svengali, Derren Brown's new stage show, which opened March 9, 2011. While the review reveals nothing about the show's content, it gushes about how good Svengali is, and reveals that the production is three hours long.

Derren intends to perform this feat of endurance about 60 times in the next four months. You can see the list of show dates here: Svengali dates.


David said...

I'm a Derren Brown fan, but Svengali is not a patch on Enigma. The Sheffield show on 3/5 started 30mins late, and was full of what appeared to me to be 'Padding' (Old tricks recycled, loys of vacuous talking, etc. The second half was better, but overall very dissapointed.

SteamMachine said...

I've just been to see it with my good friend Andrew and it was AMAZING. The show was tense and exhilerating and we were both gripped from the very start.