Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Derren Brown Interview at Edinburgh International Science Festival (April 2012)

Richard Wiseman's site reports on his April 2012 interview of Derren Brown at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Although there is no recording of the interview and Wiseman provides little content, the comment section on the post includes some interesting information from those who attended.

"Anonymous" writes:

I stuck my hand up and asked a question about how he makes those quick decisions about choosing people to take part or not when doing the street thing or the shows....

It was a full but fairly straightforward answer and came down mostly to knowing from experience – how someone walks, how they answer a question, their general manner. All can add up to a picture of how they may react to Derren and whether they will be maleable or not to the requirements of the trick. He also said that sometimes he won’t choose someone just for effect.

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