Thursday, November 29, 2007

Actor Daniel Craig Says Derren Brown Converts People to Catholicism

In an interview this week about the upcoming movie "The Golden Compass," actor Daniel Craig made a cryptic reference to Derren Brown:

I don’t actually consider the [His Dark Materials trilogy] books to be anti-religious. Mainly they’re anti-misuse of power whether it be religion or politics that uses it. The opposition is always going to be there.... It’s good that it has that controversy but it’s a debate. And that’s what maybe there needs to be more of. I actually think these books, and these movies if they all succeed and come out, will actually do the church the world of good. I think that Derren Brown’s book proves this point. I think there have been more Catholic take ups because this book than from anywhere else.

I think Craig is suggesting that Derren Brown's book, which explains why DB is an atheist, has inspired people to join the Catholic church (or increased the devotion of existing members). That seems obviously not to have been DB's intent. Among other things, his book praises Richard Dawkins' pro-atheism work.


David Calavitta said...

Seriously?…. How can anyone say that this book is not against God and the Church when the author himself says so? Here are a few quotes from the author:

“I am all for the death of God”
“I am of the Devil’s party and I know it”
“My books are about killing God”

Pretty obvious…


William_Tapscott said...


I have never read the His Dark Materials books, so I can't say what they advocate.

There's no question that Derren Brown's book advocates atheism. He certainly does not pretend otherwise.

It is interesting that Daniel Craig believes DB's book has had the opposite effect (i.e., has promoted Catholicism). I would be interested to learn what his basis for that statement is.