Friday, May 16, 2008

David Tennant on Trick or Treat 2 -- Plus survey results

We are only a few hours away from the David Tennant episode of Trick or Treat 2.
Dr. Who will, reportedly, experience the feeling of time travel, going back to the 1930's and attempting to predict future events.
You can watch a teaser of the episode on Channel 4's website.
Before we get to episode 3, though, let's review the survey results from episode 2 -
As you will recall, DB appeared to use negative suggestion to make Lauren press a button that would electrocute a kitten.
Our survey this week asked why she pushed the button. Here are the results:
1. Derren gave her negative suggestions, as shown on the broadcast - 10 votes, 41.67%
2. Derren filmed dozens of people in this situation, and it was inevitable that someone would push it - 7 votes, 29.17%
3. Derren hypnotized her - 4 votes, 16.67%
4. Lauren was an actor - 1 vote, 4.17%
5. Other - 2 votes, 8.33%
Our "other" voters both left good comments:
A. People will do anything to get on telly....Lauren knows that if she does not comply the show would not go on. Even though she is not an actor, she is acting, just as we see people do in lame stage hypnotist shows.
B. I think it was a mix of Negative Suggestion and Hypnotism. Derren's strength comes from throwing out apparent explanations, when in fact a more simple/complex method is employed. We only have some truth and some red herrings to go on.
The episode reminded me very much of a stage hypnotist's show and, in fact, Derren was a stage hypnotist before he got into magic.
The high-wire-walker segment of the episode featured the same basic trick as the cat-killing segment -- DB used negative suggestions to make the tightrope walker fall. Did you notice the handshake induction used on the tightrope walker right before DB gave him negative suggestions?
I think Lauren was covertly hypnotized, as well, using a variety of methods. But that is just my opinion.
About half as many people participated in this week's poll as in the prior week's. In the media, too, the reaction to episode 2 was less favorable than to episode 1.
Let's hope that star power (David Tennant) will create some extra enthusiasm for tonight's episode. Enjoy the show!

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