Friday, May 9, 2008

Trick or Treat 2 - Episode 2 -- It's Hard Not to Kill the Kitten

In tonight's episode of Trick or Treat 2:

Social anthropology student Lauren experiences an extreme example of negative suggestion by having to resist killing a kitten in Episode 2.

Sounds like she picked the "trick" card. Enjoy the show!

Next week we will run another survey on this blog to see how you think Derren Brown pulled off his latest trick.


ace99 said...

what he actually did was do this same thing on around 50 people and only about 3 actually pressed the button. so then he chose the best one and used it for the programme, making it look like he had a set technique for manipulating anyone to press the button.

lozziep said...

That is absolute rubbish and you clearly do not know what you are talking about!

ace99 said...

Did you see how she pressed it in the last 1 second lol, he chose 50 cat lovers, all girls and then by the simple principle of statistics, he knew at least 1 or 2 would press the button. Not speculation, I have this on good sources, well actually one 1 source and that is the girlfriend of a prop-artist that works for channel 4. You can rubbish me, i dont care, im still a big fan of brown, i love his clever illusions, which is what most of his stuff is, as he has admitted in his book.

sorry for my bad english, i am a japanese student currently in london.

Anonymous said...

I actually dont believe what you are saying ace99. Im not saying you are lying, but maybe fed wrong information as Im sure, whoever works on Derren's shows would never divulge such info. More than their job is worth! Im sure the other apparent 49 other people who did that stunt and didnt end up on the actual show would come out of the wood work and speak out about the scam! Sure, contracts could be signed to stop them speaking out but if they did, what's the worst that can happen to them? Im sure at least one other person would speak up and ruin his career! As someone who has seen his live show, I think I can safely say that, unless every single person in the audience other than me is a stooge, Derren can "know" some pretty intimate things about people. If what he does is real then I see no problem for him to predict she would press the button with only one second to go.