Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Did Lauren Kill the Cat? -- Negative Suggestions with Derren Brown

Last Friday's episode of Trick or Treat 2 upset animal lovers, but pleased Derren Brown fans.

Derren offered his victim, Lauren, 500 pounds if she could resist the temptation to push a button that would electrocute a cat. DB gave Lauren numerous negative suggestions ("don't kill the cat... whatever you, do not KILL THE CAT").

The cuddly little pet didn't have a chance. And we were all left wondering -- why did Lauren kill the cat?

Ace99 posted a controversial theory as a comment on my prior blog entry, and claimed that it is based on inside information. Add your own opinion by voting in the survey to the right of this entry. -->

The results will be posted in the next 48 hours or so.

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jackie said...

To say what you don't want someone to do is to negatively suggest that they do it. The repetition of the phrase "kill the cat" is the key. It's like saying to a dieter "don't EAT THE FOOD". They'll give in and have a nibble. You are actually allowing them to focus on the negative. If he didn't want her to push the button, he'd have said things to put her off the button, or positive things about the cat - "let the cat live" and she'd have resisted no bother. It's psychology.