Friday, May 23, 2008

How Derren Brown Made David Tennant Predict the Future

How did David Tennant predict the future in the most recent episode of Trick or Treat 2?

Anthony and ellenore have shared their theories in the comments section of a prior post regarding how David Tennant predicted the future.

Additionally, the following comments were left in response to our survey:

1. I agree with your suggestion...the article involves a court case and DB could have gotten inside knowledge from an old Law School buddy. The other option is an envelope switch where a forger has used words from both the original document and the news article. A third (and more complex) option is that DB convinced DT that the automatic writing was made on the Monday (and that 3 days had passed) where it was in fact filmed earlier that day (and only 3 hours had passed).

2. Perhaps Derren knew an article would appear on a particular subject, so selected those details. Anything else could be put down to confirmation bias, I'd imagine. Perhaps he hypnotised David beforehand and told him to forget hearing the particular words, but to write them when told to? ;)

3. He switched the envelope. - James Joystick

4. David Tennant wasn't actually in the pool on Monday, but rather on Wednesday evening, when the first edition of the Guardian had already been printed.

5. I'm not quite sure to be honest. I think he could 'cheat' to some degree. Derren as mentioned before might have known what was going to be in the paper, and almost certinly knew when they were then going through the writing and comparing it to the paper. This means he could have said words looked like something even if they were undeciferable and could use suggestion to make David think that's what the word looked like. I find Derren amazing at these 'predicting the future' tricks. As mentioned he doesn't believe in predicting the future yet I went to one of his live shows last night and he'd predicted what was going to happen throughout the night and hung it infront of us all night. I guess it would have been done with a slight of hand but it is still amazing watching these things happen in person.

6. David acted!

7. I would liek to coorrect you if i may, It was 4 days afetr teh writing that they bought a copy of teh paper and not 2 days as you stated in your blog. Kind Regards

8. Used an associate


I think the general consensus is that Derren switched the envelopes. That seems to be the simplest explanation. It is also likely that the timeline in the episode was distorted by editing.

Enjoy tonight's episode. Channel 4 gives the following description:

In Episode 4, agency worker Angela is ambushed by Derren in total blackout in an office.
Over the following weeks, she is given a number of tasks to fulfil, both physical and mental.
She needs to complete them to ensure she is ready to face probably the most challenging experience of her life.
For she is to be kidnapped and subjected to a terrifying ordeal and will have to use psychological techniques, given to her by Derren, to escape her predicament.


oxfordblonde said...

Last nights Trick or Treat show with Angela left me feeling rather flat. The actual idea for the stunt was good, and it should have been really entertaining, but there was something missing and it was'nt until later on that I realised what it was. There was no rapport between Derren and Angela whatsoever. It was clear that Derren enjoyed David Tennant's company! and in the show before that one took a shine to sweet Lauren, in the first episode he managed a few light hearted moments with the gentleman in question.

Overall I don't feel this series has been as good as the last. It would be great to see Derren go back to the 'Mind Control' he does so well. Thats fasinating enough, we don't need all these so called 'tricks'.

Mog Ur said...

I honestly think that second envelope has something to do with it. His reason for having a second envelope wasn't good enough "in case you accidently open it" lol what is that.. opening 2 envelopes is just as easy as opening 1..

Anyway if you watch when david is writing the script, there are places when he's literally just scribbling over what he's already written. Then when you watch when they're going over it all along with the news article, there's no scribbling at all.. it's obviously a different letter.

And all that text at the top that Derren recited to him was obviously done to help support the illusion .. tho im not sure why he didnt get David to do that BEFORE the "automatic writing" bcs any kind of activity while in that state, especially dictation would bring you out of you "trance state"... perhaps it was to provide a backup incase David noticed the writing did not look very much like his own (ie. while in trance state, your writing may not resemble ur own) etc...

ViR0gue said...

I know this blog is well old but just watched DB "time travel" with David Tennent and was amazed when my GF noticed the letters are different.

When DT does his automatic writing and places it in the envelope he folds the paper in half and then almost half again. When he and derren meet up on the 17th to go through the news paper, the paper the DT takes from the envelope is folded exactly in 3 with no other fold marks.

Obviously not the same piece of paper . . . . .disappointed Derren!!!!