Sunday, March 20, 2011

Derren Brown Reunion with Fake Drunk Guy

Remember the Derren Brown episode where he gets a guy drunk with hypnotic suggestions? After a showing of Svengali in Brighton this past week, the fake drunk guy met up with Derren Brown for a bit of a reunion. You can see it in an excellent video posted by xLadyClairex on YouTube, beginning about 2 minutes in: Drunk Guy Reunion.

Also, just 12 seconds into the film you see a glimpse of a mannequin, which might be the Svengali stage prop.


Lady Claire said...

Hello, just wanted to say thank you for the kind words you said about my video. Also, am afraid to say that the little mannequin I recorded was just in the foyer window of Brighton's Theatre Royal and had nothing to do with the show itself. I just filmed it cos I liked it. :-)

William_Tapscott said...

Thanks for the clarification, Lady Claire! The mannequin was appropriately creepy, even if it wasn't featured in the show.