Friday, March 25, 2011

Help a fellow Derren Brown fan preview Svengali

I have a request for those of you going to Derren Brown's Svengali stage show. Thanks to the new AboutDerrenBrown poll (over there --->) we know that many of those visiting the blog at the moment are planning to see Svengali. And we can safely conclude that they are visiting this blog pre-show, to get an idea of what will be in the program.

Unfortunately, experience shows that, when such visitors go to the show, Derren sweet-talks them into not telling anyone else what has gone on. They then publish blog posts online about how the show was great but they can't reveal anything.

Those of you who are here before going to the show -- after you've seen Svengali, remember how you feel right now, and then do us all a favor by coming back to this blog (yes, bookmark it) and posting some details about the show in a comment or two. There are plenty of people like you who would love to have that information.

And telling people what is going to happen at Svengali does not ruin the show for them (Was the movie Titanic disappointing because you knew from the start that the boat would sink? Of course not. It was disappointing because of the idiotic script).

If anything, it builds buzz -- which makes me think that Derren Brown's plea that you not reveal details about the show might actually be a negative suggestion designed to make you reveal the details to others and create word-of-mouth publicity for the show. So let's do that.


justme said...
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justme said...

Been to see it tonight and a bit 'underwhelmed' - first time seeing him live - and yet I had the feeling I'd seen it all before - nothing really surprising - but yet 'still good'.
He paints a picture (ala Rolf Harris) from the name on a piece of paper, her plays paintball russian roulette, he pinpoints people in the audience from 'confessions', his use of the doll to control an audience member, got him to write some initials on a blackboard and stick a needle thru his hand is impressive (and I met the guy in a pub later - no stooge and unaware how it was done_ - and the initials were his grandmothers). Big end piece with numbers in balloons and tickets and on cubes, all tallying up (unsurprisingly) with some preshown numbers - cool but seen before. All nice but no real 'wow'.

Dunno how he does it - but nicely packaged... worth £30 a the reruns of previous...

William_Tapscott said...

justme: Thanks for the review. So far, no one commenting on the blog has enjoyed Svengali as much as Derren's prior shows, I think for the reason you suggest -- there just is not much new material in it.

Anonymous said...

he begins the show with the oldest trick in the book - a variation on the three card monte/cup and balls using a shoe. The only original pert of it is that he pretends its all done by psychology and references the mathematical probabilities of the Monty hall problem rather than admitting its a gimmick.

William_Tapscott said...

sa196 -- Thanks for the information. It sounds like the presentation in Svengali is not differentiated enough from prior shows -- possibly due to the writing?