Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Photo of Derren Brown's Svengali Stage -- Robot/Automaton Theme

A flickr user has helpfully posted a photograph of the stage at Derren Brown's Svengali stage show. The picture (apparently taken pre-show, judging from the sparse, attentive, and seated audience) shows a blue-lit stage with three tables spread across it. Each table appears to have a covered object on it.

The decor of the stage (i.e., edges and top) has a robot/automaton theme, which is appropriate because Svengali is apparently a mind-reading robot/automaton of some type. The photo (according to flickr) was taken March 18, 2011.


windturbineben16 said...

i think the stage is more industrial theme to it (boiler) and a mad sceintist theme (right top some spark gap things)

which both are apropert

William_Tapscott said...

windturbineben16 -- I can see that. It looks a little steam punk. Oddly, when I just clicked on the link in the post to see this photo, it was not available. There's a nice message now welcoming visitors from AboutDerrenBrown, though.

10000283 said...

The stage theme is heavily influenced by (in fact, pretty much rips off) the look and feel of the Bioshock games. The music heard before the show and during the interval also contains several tracks (albeit reworked in some way) from the Bioshock soundtracks.