Saturday, April 2, 2011

Andy Nyman: Working with Derren Brown was a "Hobby"

From the start, Andy Nyman was a critical part of Derren Brown's television show. Recently, though, Nyman went off on his own, producing Ghost Stories, and now starring in the TV show Campus. Digital Spy just posted an interview with Nyman, and asked him if he will be working with Derren again in the future. Here is Andy's response:

No, no, for now I've stepped away from that. I did 10 years with Derren and I worked with him on everything from Russian Roulette to The Heist, the lottery prediction, I helped write all of those and the stage shows. But as ridiculous as this sounds that was always my hobby. I am so busy with everything else right now, I don't have time to be writing Derren's stuff now.

Derren Brown turned out to be a pretty lucrative "hobby" for Andy Nyman. There is no question that Nyman will be missed, though. People who have seen all of Derren's shows over the years are saying that Svengali is a little below average, and some are attributing the difference to weaker writing due to the absence of Nyman.

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Tabithahah said...

Derren is fine without Andy.