Saturday, April 2, 2011

Svengali - the Next Best Thing to Being There

Lady Claire has posted a great, in-depth account of her two viewings of Svengali -- including the whole pre-show experience as well as accounts of meeting Derren after the show (with photos, naturally). There are no spoilers about the show itself, for those of you who are sensitive to that.

So here's the link: Derren Brown, Svengali, Brighton - 9 & 12th March 2011


Lady Claire said...

I liken my blog posting to diary entries. I'm very much like Derren in that I do like to be quite exact with details!

There are also some entries on my blog from when I saw Enigma (last Feb, Mar and May).

Deplume said...

Anyway, as we left, he said goodbye to Annette first, spoke to her about when she was going again etc. He didn't say that to me (made me wonder if he didn't want to know if I was going again or not) ---- Creepy.

I was doing my usual videoing when Derren was near me. He never minds. ------- Creepier.
(And you're certain he never minds? Because I've seen the video.. He looks like a rabbit in the headlights..)

But he did give me some lovely eye-contact while we spoke which (unlike when I met him at Cheltenham), I tried my hardest to hold. ----- Creepiest.

I normally love people's attention to detail, but you sound like the kind of person that would convince themselves it was okay to look in his wheelie bin, or pinch something he left in a skip, or break into his house and use the hair in his plughole to make tiny mini Derren furballs to make you feel closer to him...
My nutjob klaxon is sounding...