Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Poll: Is it wrong to offer Svengali Spoilers?

Not everyone approves of my efforts to uncover information about Derren Brown's Svengali. See, for example, my full-length piece called "Derren Brown Svengali Spoilers." One reader commented that the "decent thing" would be to take down the article, because Derren does not want spoilers on the web.

Personally, I don't see any harm in finding out as much as we can about Derren's new stage show. But I'm interested in your opinion.

So please vote in the new poll (over there somewhere --->) that asks whether it is wrong for AboutDerrenBrown to offer Svengali Spoilers.


Lady Claire said...

This may or may not be answering your question, but Derren does state during Svengali that he doesn't want the contents of the show to be leaked. His shows (live & on TV) are always shrouded in immense secrecy.

I can see it from both sides of the fence. I can understand that some people who won't get to see the show live/on DVD may want to know all about it, but then again I've chatted to some people in Europe who also won't get to see it live etc, and they don't want any spoilers whatsoever. Respectful wishes runs both ways.

I think as long as you state on your blog that the post may contain spoilers (for whatever you're discussing) then that's fine. The person then has the choice whether to carry on reading or not.

William_Tapscott said...

Thanks, Lady Claire - that's how I see it. I try to make it very clear from my headers when spoilers might be involved.

Sarah Louise said...

I saw Svengali yesterday evening and he asked us to please be hush hush about the show. I totally understand this. His shows work by trying to subconsciously feed information into our minds to get us to say or do certain things. If we hear about whats going to happen then we can act differently...does that make sense. He'll ask you to write down certain numbers or whatever and if you know what it's all about then will be pointless participating in his show. For those who do not get to see it though and do want to know about it then its a good idea, and like you say if you mention there will be spoilers, then you have given a warning to those who do not want to find out x