Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 5 Derren Brown Tricks of All Time

Here are my picks for top 5 Derren Brown tricks ever. Leave a comment if you disagree:

1. Dog track trick. Short piece in which Derren gets a dog track to pay out on a losing ticket.
This is the first Derren clip I ever saw.

2. Russian Roulette. Sensational TV special in which Derren Brown seemingly plays Russian Roulette on live TV.

3. Paying with paper (in NYC). Derren manages to make major purchases from New York retailers using blank pieces of paper.

4. The Heist. A special about getting ordinary people to commit a major crime. Beyond the trick itself, the concept was interesting.

5. Hero at 30,000 feet. A passenger on an airpline is made to overcome his fears and become a hero.

Three of my five picks are specials, but that shouldn't be too surprising -- Derren had more time to develop those tricks. Each of them was unique and stunning.


biz said...

the hero at 30,000 feet
the power of negative thinking (trick or treat series)
the girl in a sack thrown into a lake
the piano playing girl (mind control)
the pub quiz winner

your choices were perhaps on the darker side i must say ;) (i liked them too, especially the dog track one)- ok, ok, i love them all!

William_Tapscott said...


Good picks -- looks like you're interested in the "super-learning" episodes. The pub quiz is one of my favorites -- Glen actually e-mailed me after the show aired (I've posted his comments somewhere here on the blog).