Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poll Results: Derren Brown Svengali Spoilers Surprisingly Unpopular

In my most recent poll, I asked: "Is it wrong for AboutDerrenBrown to offer Svengali Spoilers?" The results were as follows:

1. Derren wants you to stop: 80% (41 votes)
2. Not sure: 0%
3. No - This is a valuable service: 19% (10 votes)

I have to point out that only 51 people voted, out of perhaps 3000 people who visited the blog during the period of the poll. Nonetheless, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of people who care enough to vote think I should avoid posting Svengali spoilers. A few people left comments explaining their reasoning on my article entitled "Derren Brown Svengali Spoilers."

Here at AboutDerrenBrown, we support democracy, so I intend to lay off of the spoilers. But I have to admit that I don't really get it. No one is forced to read articles on this blog; why is it so offensive for spoilers to exist somewhere on the web for people who happen to want them?

And those of you who voted against my posting spoilers (all 41 of you) -- and especially those of you who have seen The Gathering -- don't you at least wonder a little bit if Derren has hypnotized you to oppose Svengali spoilers?

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Lady Claire said...

I think you'll call that the 'wisdom of crowds'..... ;-)