Saturday, October 27, 2007

Be Like Derren Brown, Part 3: The Handshake Induction

Here is a nice write-up about the "handshake induction," a technique Derren Brown and others use to create a state of waking hypnosis.

The techniques works like this: You go to shake hands with your subject. Instead of a normal handshake, though, you either interrupt by grabbing the subject's wrist with your left hand (that's how DB does it), or by doing something unusual with your shaking hand (as described in the link above).

The subject's subconscious mind is initially on autopilot, having shaken hands with thousands of people before. By altering the handshake, you break the subconscious mind's pattern and create confusion and a state of suggestibility. At that point you begin giving suggestions, with which the subject complies.

This technique can clearly be seen in Derren Brown's segment with Simon Pegg, and in the episode where he convinces people on the street to voluntarily give him their wallets.

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