Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Derren Brown Embroiled in Height Controversy

How tall is Derren Brown? If is to be believed, that is a matter of serious debate. Although the site officially deems DB to be 5' 9", comments in the user feedback section have him as short as 5' 7".

On a more serious note, DB is the first to criticize his physical appearance. In his book, Tricks of the Mind, he admits that he is balding, mocks the way he used to dress, and generally belittles himself.

While other magicians/mentalists seem overly concerned with physical appearance, DB seems primarily concerned with authenticity. In fact, appearing ordinary is an important part of his act.

Looking like an ordinary person helps him establish the rapport necessary for many of his hypnosis/nlp/mind-reading tricks. It is also part of his unique brand -- the I-don't-really-have-special-powers-I'm-just-smarter-than-you approach.

He begins every episode of his TV show by announcing that he does not have supernatural powers. But he does have unusual skills, and we will examine them further as this blog develops.


Anonymous said...

Well, according to him he's 5'10"

Anonymous said...

I think he's sexy :) It's his eyes and the confidence he exudes.