Saturday, October 13, 2007

Derren Brown, the Mentalist / Mind Control Expert

I discovered Derren Brown, the British mentalist, a few weeks ago. Beginning July 26, 2007, the U.S. SciFi Channel broadcast a series called "Mind Control with Derren Brown." I have watched all six episodes that have aired so far, and I think his work is fascinating.

Brown uses hypnosis, suggestion, and psychological principles to get people to do some pretty amazing things. For example, in the second episode of the series he places bets at a dogtrack and then successfully cashes in his losing tickets. On a subway train, he makes passengers forget what stop they are going to get off at. In one episode he convinces a woman that the color yellow is actually the color red.

He really must be seen to be believed. I am currently reading his book, "Tricks of the Mind," and am awaiting new episodes.

This blog will explore his career and techniques. I hope to shed some light on both what he does and how he does it. Stay tuned for much, much more about Derren Brown.

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Pedro Amaral said...

WOW! Loads of things in here! I'll start reading from the start (2007), hope to see some more good stuff in here as I go along :)