Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How Derren Brown Makes a Woman Stick to the Floor

In Episode 2 of his U.S. series, Derren Brown makes a woman believe she is stuck to the floor in the middle of a room. During the performance, DB makes it look as if he is stopping her in the center of the room by making a gesture with his hand.

An interesting analysis of this trick that I found on the web argues that the hand gesture is simply showmanship (DB does admit to using showmanship in his tricks), and that the entire trick is accomplished with his choice of words.

The analysis (which is actually referring to the British version of the show) is worth a read, though of course I have no idea whether it provides a full explanation of the trick.

On an unrelated note, tonight's episode of Phenomenon (which will presumably be available in its entiry on-line) featured some good acts, but nothing to compete with Derren Brown.

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