Thursday, October 25, 2007

Phenomenon Apes Derren Brown?

Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the new NBC series Phenomenon tonight. Hosted by Criss Angel and Uri Geller, it is a talent show for mentalists.

Reportedly, tonights premier episode featured at least one very Derren-Brown-like trick. This series might be a good opportunity to see less subtle performers give away the techniques behind some of DB's tricks.

An even better way to examine DB's techniques would be for the Sci Fi channel to air more episodes of Mind Control with Derren Brown. After the initial six episodes, the series ended. Sci Fi's DB website gives no indication of whether we can expect new episodes (though it does provides downloads of some prior segments).

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MeltingPot said...

There is a pretty long article about the possibility of a second season of Mind Control in the US on the Derren fan site: scroll down and look for the article "Will there be a US Season 2 of Mind Control?"