Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is a Derren Brown -- David Blaine Collaboration in the Works?

In an interview back in 2003, Derren Brown suggested that he might do a show with David Blaine if he (Brown) became popular in the U.S.:

Interviewer: Blaine. You mentioned in the past the possibility that you might do something together. Do you think that's likely to happen in the foreseeable future?

DB: We've spoken about if the show hits off over there - there are talks underfoot, if that's a word, to get a US version of Mind Control underway. But you know, Blaine is at the top of his tree... and for us to do anything together, and for that to feel right, we'd have to be at a sort of level pegging. But I'm in no rush to do that,...

Finally, four years later, Brown is becoming popular in the U.S. I wouldn't say he's reached the David Blaine level yet, but he's getting there.

Maybe intially he could play a minor role in a David Blaine act. For example, he could be the one who buries Blaine alive. Then, later, after that event and the attendant publicity, they could stage another show where both illusionists are suspended in the air in an ice box for several days.

Seriously, though, I would like to see Derren Brown do a high-profile special on U.S. television, with or without David Blaine.

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