Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Covert Use of Mental Powers by Derren Brown

Yesterday I reported that Derren Brown had not used his powers of suggestion in the courtroom. That would be unethical and, at any rate, he never practiced law.

He has, however, admitted to the following covert uses of his powers (in each case, only before he became successful):

1. He cashed in losing tickets at a dog track. Source: Episode 2 of Mind Control with Derren Brown.

2. He convinced waiters that he had already paid them for dinner, when in fact he had not. Source: DerrenBrownInfo Interview.

3. He used his powers to attract women. Source: Metro interview. He has stated, however, that he does not use his persuasive powers in romantic relationships.

It's a good thing most people can't do what Derren Brown, because it would obviously be difficult to avoid misuising those abilities.

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Anonymous said...

That's the point..people can and do and are still doing what Derren Brown does, they are just not famous...from ordinary workers to those who rule the world many use these mind games to influence or they consult people who have these skills. Derren has never professed to have special gifts. His skills can be aquired.