Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Derren Brown's Law Career

It has frequently been reported that Derren Brown studied law at Bristol University (where he also studied German). He acknowledges that fact in his book, Tricks of the Mind.

I found myself wondering whether he had actually practiced law. And, if so, did he use his powers of suggestion in the courtroom?

I found a transcript on-line in which an interviewer had the same type of question. DB answered:

If I had pursued law, I probably wouldn't have got into this [mentalism] in the same way. I decided this was where I was going to go and I put the effort in. I can't imagine ever wanting to go into law now, it's such a soulless and unpleasant job.

From that answer it seems obvious that he chose not to practice law. Elsewhere in the interview he states that he was not interested in the subject of law when he was in school.

Now the only question is, why did he study law to begin with? Regardless, it seems to have benefitted him. He credits his legal studies with honing his logic and skepticism, and thereby contributing to his eventual success as a mentalist.

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